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The extractive industries, including mining for minerals and metals, have significantly contributed to the problems of climate change and global change; nevertheless, they are an essential part of the solution to hasten the transition to a circular economy within the limits of the world biocapacity.

Climate mining refers to the process of removing valuable substances like metals, minerals, and materials that allows and speeds up the achievement of sustainable development. Climate mining is a cutting-edge method of mining that encourages interaction and cooperation between parties involved in the extraction, in order to achieve net-zero emissions.

CPCM amalgamates in a collaborative manner the following elements in mining projects with a focus on Climate Mining:

Extractive mining – under Social and Environmental licences -.

Energy Transition and Carbon Compensation projects.

ESG reports.

Treating Environmental Footprints.

Sustainable Infrastructure Mining projects.

Water Management.

World-class Mining standards and practises.

Waste to asset.

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