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Green Cross United Kingdom, London, 7th November 2022.

Climate Positive Awards 2022 for addressing human impact positively.

November 7 is the second day of the COP 27 UNFCCC Conference of the Parties in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt; the winners of the Climate Positive Award 2022 have been announced by Green Cross United Kingdom today.

As Nobel Prize winner Mikhail Gorbachev said, “We are responsible for our planet, for the legacy that we are going to leave to future generations,” adding that the conflict between people and the environment has reached “unprecedented levels”. “Conversations, only meetings at all levels, and above all at the highest, can lead to positive results. I believe in that. Experience gives clear evidence of this”, said the political leader who put an end to the Cold War, who was the visionary behind Green Cross’s founding and its enduring mission.

In a very interesting and hard-fought selection process Green Cross United Kingdom announced on October 24, the United Nations Day, a list of governments, organizations, the private sector, media, and persons that now are recognized globally as winners of the Climate Positive Awards for executing actions with measurable and positive results against Climate Change, Global Change, and Human Impact.

Green Cross United Kingdom decided to send her award proposal letter to the prize finalists on this day to commemorate, the Charter of the United Nations coming into force, to work for global peace, promote social progress, improve the standard of living, and support human rights. None of these goals can be achieved without addressing Global Change, the tip of the iceberg being Climate Change.

Recognizing the magnitude of Global Change, the Climate Positive movement develops a model of ascending consensual action as a community initiative for the environment, with the goal of facilitating and increasing the execution of projects that address positively Human Impact.

Green Cross United Kingdom promotes and develops the path to sustainability, with the Climate Positive Awards being an important milestone that invites everyone to be inspired and continue the work, and we would like to congratulate all the winners on receiving this prestigious international recognition.

The Executive Director of Green Cross United Kingdom, Ruy Campos Dugone, stated: “Following the tradition of Green Cross to reward organisations that are actions oriented that transcend the path to sustainability, highlighting the efforts to avoid, prepare for, and/or address issues related to Global Change, as well as their coordinated efforts to benefit communities and the environment, we synthesize the reason why the entities are winners of our Climate Positive Awards 2022”.

From Green Cross United Kingdom, we promote and develop the path to sustainability, with the Climate Positive Awards being an important milestone that invites everyone to be inspired and continue the work on the following areas of interest:

  1. Circular Economy:
    1. Circulor Ltd.: Winner.
    2. Signus Ecovalor SL: Winner.
  2. Decarbonization:
    1. MERI Foundation: Winner.
    2. Ministry of Environment, Chile: Finalist.
    3. Ministry of Environment, Water, and Ecologic Transition, Ecuador: Winner.
  3. Energy Transition:
    1. Adelan Ltd.: Winner.
    2. BHP La Escondida: Finalist.
    3. Empresa de generación eléctrica  de Arequipa S.A.: Winner.
    4. Escorts Kubota Ltd.: Winner.
    5. Giant Motor Latam: Winner.
    6. KRBL Ltd.: Winner.
    7. Naked Energy Ltd.: Winner.
    8. Sociedad Minera Cerro Verde S.A.A.: Winner.
  4. Digital Evolution:
    1. Google UK Ltd.: Winner.
    2. Rewire Holding LTD. (Saurus): Winner.
  5. Diversity And Inclusion:
    1. International Council On Mining And Metals (ICMM): Winner.
    2. SPS Colombian Movement  (I’m because we are): Winner.
  6. Bottom-Up Sustainable Morality:
    1. 1 For The Planet Inc.: Winner.
    2. Cambio 16, Jorge Neri Bonilla Editor:  Winner.
    3. Gabo Foundation: Winner.
    4. Marta C. Cohen (OBE): Finalist.

About Green Cross United Kingdom:

  • Green Cross is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mikhail Gorbachev in 1993.
  • The mission of Green Cross is to respond to the combined challenges of security, poverty, and environmental degradation to ensure a sustainable and secure future.
  • Green Cross is an Observer Organization with consultative status in the United Nations.

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