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“Climate Positive” awards to leading institutions around the globe on International Day Against Climate Change.

On the “International Day Against Climate Change” a few days before the Glasgow Climate Summit (COP26); we are announcing “Climate Positive” awards to leading institutions around the globe, following the tradition of our organization to reward actions that transcend the path to sustainability. 
As Mikhail Gorbachev said “We are responsible for our planet, for the legacy that we are going to leave to future generations,” adding that the conflict between people and the environment has reached “unprecedented levels”.
 “Conversations, only meetings at all levels, and above all at the highest, can lead to positive results. I believe in that. Experience gives clear evidence of this”, said the political leader who put an end to the Cold War, who founded Green Cross International with the great vision that characterizes it. 
The members of the Green Cross Human Impact Panel in the UK, in a very close and interesting vote, announced a few days before the Climate Summit in Glasgow (COP26) the list of governments, organizations, the private sector, and the media that will be recognized globally for generating innovative solutions to the climate emergency and will have the focus in 2021 on how to accelerate financial mechanisms to achieve a low-carbon economy.

1. Green Finance: 
     1.1. Regions of Climate Action-R20, 
     1.2. Pegasus Capital, 
     1.3. IUCN, 
     1.4. Gold Standard, 
     1.5. Paribas. 
2. Nature-based Solutions: 
      2.1. Capital Cities-CC35, 
      2.2  Global Carbon Parks through a  consortium made up  of Allcot, Lockton, Satellogic, Community  Electricity, De La Espriella) 

3. Tools for the Decarbonization of Consumption: 
     3.1 Kapital,
     3.2 Doconomy. 
4. Honorable Mention to a media outlet: 
     4.1 EFE Verde. 

The prizes will be awarded at our COP26 side event, called “Earth and Dialogues for Climate and Finance“, given the magnitude of the financial announcements related to the climate that we will make during the event, I think it is worth joining this initiative.