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The food and agriculture evolution include all actors in the system, who can have the power to influence system performance and impact, initiating the change.

Sustainable agriculture is insufficient. In contrast, we need to repair the land, encourage soil health, and provide ecosystem services in order to stop the degradation of the land. The important thing is that it uses technologies that regenerate and renew the soil and ecosystem, not just “does no harm” to the food and agriculture system but actually restores it.

CPRA is a recognition programme for Agriculture projects that want to be Regeneratives. It combines world-class standards and practises with risk governance, with a focus on climate change and global change, as well as digital expansion and technological assistance, to deliver a fully integrated path toward sustainability and net-zero emission.

CPRA helps Regenerative Agriculture-Verified projects in connecting and powering with green financial instruments.

We cordially encourage you to watch the video, get the programme overview, and join us for more details.

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