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The commercialization of gold as an integral part of the mining legalization processes.

Our Director for Colombia, Javier De la hoz, participated in the book launch entitled “Commercialization of gold as an integral part of the mining legalization processes”.

The book seeks to respond to the phenomenon that has been occurring for a few years in Colombia, where it has been wanted through criminal law to exercise control over mining activity “with the purpose of safeguarding the environment.”

The mining sector explained that the reaction with the strongest mechanism of control of the State (Criminal Law) is not adequate, but those technical alternatives can be provided to protect the environment and that social factors must be considered as real indicators of the progress of the community where the mine is located.

G+UK got to participate and expose what Mining is for us since directly and indirectly, mining is responsible for almost 70% of CO2 eq. emissions, but also plays a strategic role in the decarbonization process.

We believe that the best way to address this is by Climate Mining, which is supported and certified by the independent G+UK Programme: Climate Positive Climate Mining (CPCM) programme, which emphasizes the traceability of the entire Circular Mining, and assists in determining which path is the best based on the goals, markets, and needs, while also assisting them during the certification process.

Our approach generated a positive impact on the mining sector present at the event since we were the differentiating element of the forum by offering a solution through the CPCM programme, emphasizing that mining is not an option but the way to do it is, we invite the mining sector to know the benefits of exercising Climate Mining, generating sustainability over time.

G+UK differentiates itself by being the only intervener who speaks a positive language, in the face of state intervention with a view to protecting the environment without neglecting the rights of miners and marketers to continue carrying out their work but under programmes that allow them to exercise it. Additionally to calmly remove them from the focus of criminal law, and make them positive actors in the preservation of the environment.