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G+UK looks forward to its Digital Expansion through the alliance with Innovation Enterprise.

Green Cross United Kingdom (G+UK) and Innovation Enterprise, the bridge for a future tech business, announce the signing of a Memorandum of Collaboration to implement the G+UK programme of Climate Positive Sustainable Infrastructure (CPSI).

The implementation of the CPSI programme pursues, among others, to guarantee the infrastructure is as sustainable as it could achieve, additionally, G+UK looks forward to establishing its Climate Positive principle (the mitigation, compensation, and remediation of environmental footprints – also known as “human impact”).

In the words of Ruy Campos-Dugone, Executive Director of G+UK “We believe that Innovation Enterprise is making the path for the preservation of the environment through guaranteeing the sustainable infrastructure like the one with less risk to care for the Earth’s and reduce the human impact”.

Innovation Enterprise is a global consulting firm with the objective of facilitating the adoption of cutting-edge technological and innovative solutions for companies, corporations, and entrepreneurs, enabling a framework for private investors with a focus on international markets is present in partnerships and projects in EMEA, APAC, UAE, and LATAM. It provides a vision of specialization in the new digital economy and establishing market entry through the advanced application of state-of-the-art technology for the next 10 years.

In the words of Virginia Mijes Martin, the founder of Innovation Enterprise and the President of the Blockchain Association in Catalonia “We look forward to building a key alliance to promote the environment, competitiveness, growth, and scalability of multi-sector companies, that is why we decided to partner with G+UK, since being an NGO with 25 years of experience we know that their assistance is at the height of our services”.