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Collaborating with Smart-Landing, G+UK is expanding its Sustainable Infrastructure Programme (CPSI) in Chile.

Green Cross United Kingdom (G+UK) and Smart-Landing, the business and green hydrogen developer, announce the signing of a Collaboration Agreement under which G+UK will work with Smart-Landing to promote Sustainable Development in Chile.

Mainly using the CPSI programme, the emblem of G+UK for Sustainable Infrastructure, both organizations will work together so that the infrastructure projects that are developed in Chile are approached considering all the aspects related to the sustainability of the project: “there should be no green light for a project that is not green (sustainable).”

G+UK wishes to establish its Climate Positive principle (the mitigation, remediation, and compensation of the environmental footprints) in Chile to preserve both communities and the environment.

According to Ruy Campos-Dugone, Executive Director of G+UK, “We are thrilled to continue growing the reach of Green Cross in Latin America, establishing mostly quadruple impact initiatives with communities and the environment as the primary axis. We discovered a natural collaborator in Smart-Landing who goes above and beyond our shared commitment to the energy transition”.

Smart-Landing is a Smart-Landing advises natural and legal persons in a comprehensive manner to develop, improve, expand and project businesses from management to growth, being leaders in the Hydrogen and Green Ammonia segment.

In the words of Diana Gurovich Rosenberg, the Socio Director of Smart-Landing “We look forward to building a key alliance to promote the environment, competitiveness, growth, and scalability of multi-sector companies, that is why we decided to partner with G+UK, since being an NGO with 25 years of experience we know that their assistance is at the height of our services”.